My friends and I had a great experience. Right from the entrance they make you immerse yourself in the adventure that you are going to live.

In our case we played "Circus" and everything was very...
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Alex Yang Ji
5 star rating

Brilliant escaperoom This is about the 50st escaperoom we did. We played the room named 'toys' and it was a wonderfull experience. The environment, music was well made for this game. The games were logical and there... leer más

Jorin T
5 star rating

Great escape room! As a team it was our first room escape and we enjoyed a lot. In fact, now we want to do more escape rooms, and we are waiting to do the second room in bizarre,... leer más

Guillem P

I've played about 40 escape rooms and this is one of the best.. Everything was superbly done, the atmosphere, the puzzles, the hints system. We didn't have much time to chat afterwards. But the staff... leer más

Ciaran Joseph M.

We played ‘Toys’ with a team of 3 - well designed room with great attention to detail. Good balance of interesting puzzles, fun games and creepy machines, keeping us busy and entertained!


Beautifully designed and completely immersive! We did the Circus room and had such a great time! No detail is spared and the experience was full of delightful surprises. Planning on returning... leer más

Jaimie Wallace
5 star rating

Excellent escape rooms. We have done 70+ rooms around the world, and Toys and Circus are definitely right up there in terms of quality. We loved the room design, the number of puzzles, the storyline, the hint giving... leer más


Toys This room jumps straight to the top of our leader board. This room blew our minds with its epic theming and great story twist. We highly recommend this room!

Escape Goats

We played ‘Toys’ with a team of 3 - well designed room with great attention to detail. Good balance of interesting puzzles, fun games and creepy machines, keeping us busy and entertained!

pascal v
5 star rating

So much fun! We are a team of 2 enthusiasts from the UK who had heard great things about the rooms in Barcelona, Toys at Bizarre Escape was one of them, so we had a trip over just... leer más

5 star rating

Toys room recommended. We do an escape room on Evert holiday and this one definitely scored among the best. Great theme (right from the start) and perfect level of difficulty throughout the room.

We played the Toys room, but...
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5 star rating

Awesome! We played the Toys game and it's been a great escape room. Awesome decoration, the game is really fun and it flows to make it easy-going. The owners are super kind, we'll come back to... leer más

Mireia IM

Circus. The variety of games, the decoration and the work of the Gamemaster were excellent. Definitely, after about 10 rooms, this one ranks in my top 3. Recommended for everyone.

Aleix García
5 star rating

Great room escape We have played Toys game and it is so good. We enjoy a lot, I don't know wich room is better, Circus or Toys. Both are scpectacular.

Guillem P
5 star rating

Surprising escape room A 10 for this escape room. Great decoration and setting, very well linked and entertaining puzzles and a very professional and pleasant game master. Balanced and perfect escape room.

5 star rating

Great Fun! Really enjoyed Toys. It was just the right level of challenging for us. We had a tiny bit of help... but managed to complete the game in an hour. Excellent family bonding time. Highly recommend.

5 star rating

Great place to spend a good time This was the first time that I went to a Escape Room and it was such a great experience! We had a great time, a lot of fun and it was very challenging.

5 star rating

Toys Good location and price, friendly staff and overall an amazing experience, it was my first time on an escape room and it made me eager to know and explore more escape rooms 🙂