Great experience, and COVID-safe!
The puzzles were really well put together, it was exciting and tense at the end, we barely made it out in time! Brilliant fun.
The staff were really COVID-aware, taking a lot of...
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Angela Hooper
5 star rating

FUN! FUN! fUN! FUN! Did this as 2 players . Great fun , running around playing with all sorts of toys and games for a 30 mins..... then it all turned a little bit sinister. Brilliant escape room. This... leer más

Escape H

My friends and I had a great experience. Right from the entrance they make you immerse yourself in the adventure that you are going to live.

In our case we played "Circus" and everything was very...
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Alex Yang Ji
5 star rating

Great experience in the Toys escape room This has been a great outing together with our Spanish teacher. One of the best escapes done so far, with a great twist half-way through the game. Exciting, not too difficult, not too easy. Great experience.


An amazing experience! We did the circus and it was brilliant - we had loads of fun and it’s clear that the creators have put so much care for details and creativity into the rooms.... leer más

Magdalena Topolska
5 star rating

Really enjoyed the Circus room! Having completed over 40 escape rooms I am starting to appreciate the finer details that top rooms use to get one step ahead of their competition. This is one of those rooms. Although Circus is... leer más

5 star rating

Toys room recommended. We do an escape room on Evert holiday and this one definitely scored among the best. Great theme (right from the start) and perfect level of difficulty throughout the room.

We played the Toys room, but...
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The circus game was awesome. A huge amount of puzzles and so much fun! It has a fabulous ending and works so well. Highly recommended games room!!

Alan Donegan

Beautifully designed and completely immersive! We did the Circus room and had such a great time! No detail is spared and the experience was full of delightful surprises. Planning on returning... leer más

Jaimie Wallace
5 star rating

Great escape room! As a team it was our first room escape and we enjoyed a lot. In fact, now we want to do more escape rooms, and we are waiting to do the second room in bizarre,... leer más

Guillem P
5 star rating

Great We did the circus room. An amazing room. Nice details. Great puzzles. Friendly game master. Definitely recommended. Will come some day for the other room. Thank you.

5 star rating

Surprising escape room A 10 for this escape room. Great decoration and setting, very well linked and entertaining puzzles and a very professional and pleasant game master. Balanced and perfect escape room.


We went to the circus Room and had a blast. The hints are not as straightforward as other rooms, and the game master kept the atmosphere on point.

Very tense and medium high difficulty, and good...
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Alex Siles

This is not a normal escape room. This is a wonderful experience, from the moment you step into the building, until the very last! I've been to many escape rooms, and rarely I have been... leer más

Fabio Guida

We're a team of two escaping from the circus. The room is very well setup with amazing puzzles. The atmosphere and sound are perfectly matching with the situations. We eventually cracked it but also... leer más

Quang Tiến Nguyễn
5 star rating

Toys Good location and price, friendly staff and overall an amazing experience, it was my first time on an escape room and it made me eager to know and explore more escape rooms 🙂

5 star rating

Great Escape Room Did this escape room on our last day in Barcelona . We have done several escape rooms before(6-8) as a twosome including in Prague and Bulgaria and this was one of the best if not... leer más

Martin C

So we were 6 people trying to escape from 'Toys' room.
It was such a creative and well done room, honestly some puzzles will blow your mind. It is a bit creepy and there will some...
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Laura Konciute