5 star rating

Great Fun! Really enjoyed Toys. It was just the right level of challenging for us. We had a tiny bit of help... but managed to complete the game in an hour. Excellent family bonding time. Highly recommend.

5 star rating

Great escape room Amazing escape room, I've doone quite a few and it's very rare to see one where everything goes smoothly and every piece work. The setting is great and full of surprise, you should totally do it!


"Circus Game": it was amazing! We were 4 people, some of us highly experienced, others are fresh newbies, but we all just LOVED it. It was definitely one of the best escape rooms, I've ever... leer más

An-Ha Do (Omai)

I've played about 40 escape rooms and this is one of the best.. Everything was superbly done, the atmosphere, the puzzles, the hints system. We didn't have much time to chat afterwards. But the staff... leer más

Ciaran Joseph Hogan
5 star rating

Fantastic escape room with great variety and challenge A beautiful and challenging escape room in the city, with beautiful and clever puzzles, and great atmosphere to really give a complete experience. Looking forward to going back and trying the other room.

James T

The circus game was awesome. A huge amount of puzzles and so much fun! It has a fabulous ending and works so well. Highly recommended games room!!

Alan Donegan
5 star rating

So much fun! We are a team of 2 enthusiasts from the UK who had heard great things about the rooms in Barcelona, Toys at Bizarre Escape was one of them, so we had a trip over just... leer más

5 star rating

Great Escape Room Did this escape room on our last day in Barcelona . We have done several escape rooms before(6-8) as a twosome including in Prague and Bulgaria and this was one of the best if not... leer más

Martin C
5 star rating

Great experience in the Toys escape room This has been a great outing together with our Spanish teacher. One of the best escapes done so far, with a great twist half-way through the game. Exciting, not too difficult, not too easy. Great experience.

5 star rating

Great place to spend a good time This was the first time that I went to a Escape Room and it was such a great experience! We had a great time, a lot of fun and it was very challenging.

5 star rating

Great fun! This was a really fun escape room, not scary at all but still very challenging. The staff are lovely and made the whole experience great. I'm sure we will be returning to do the other room.


Circus. The variety of games, the decoration and the work of the Gamemaster were excellent. Definitely, after about 10 rooms, this one ranks in my top 3. Recommended for everyone.

Aleix García

So we were 6 people trying to escape from 'Toys' room.
It was such a creative and well done room, honestly some puzzles will blow your mind. It is a bit creepy and there will some...
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Laura Konciute

So we were 6 people trying to escape from 'Toys' room.
It was such a creative and well done room, honestly some puzzles will blow your mind. It is a bit creepy and there will some...
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Laura Konciute
5 star rating

Awsome rooms! Really something worth doing We tried both rooms, toys and circus, and both were very well-made, with a lot of tasks, and a great atmosphere in both.
We loved both of them!


Went with family for Toy themed escape room. First time, very fun. An exciting adventure. A little bit creepy but everyone had fun. Thank you!

Aiden Hopfner

Beautifully designed and completely immersive! We did the Circus room and had such a great time! No detail is spared and the experience was full of delightful surprises. Planning on returning... leer más

Jaimie Wallace
5 star rating

Great escape room! As a team it was our first room escape and we enjoyed a lot. In fact, now we want to do more escape rooms, and we are waiting to do the second room in bizarre,... leer más

Guillem P